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Participating in their stillness, their immensity

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Daycare Conversations: #4

(Littlest Boy at Daycare and I are riding the little rocking dinosaur, and pretending to be going through a deep scary tunnel with ''scary eyes''. We "make it to the other side").
Little Boy:
Hey buddy, what place are we in?
Little Boy:
A magic land with ninjas and Star Wars!
Little Boy:
And BIG castles but no princess or prince.

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Daycare Conversations: #3

(Littlest Boy at the Daycare and I, playing on the Jungle Gym. Littlest Boy's mom is about to have another baby, which he's been talking about).
Little Boy:
Mama's belly is a little big, cause there's a baby inside.
Yup, that's what happens!
Little Boy:
*pauses, then turns around and looks at me curiously* Are you gonna have a baby? Because your belly is a little big."
*grinning to myself* Nah, honey, my belly is just like this naturally.
Little Boy:
I think your belly is trying to make a baby.

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My Mac isn’t holding a charge. I even went out and got a new charger to see if it just needed that, but no luck. I’m down to 2% of power right now.

I’ve had it since collage, so it’s all too likely that I’ll need to replace it. I’m not looking foreword to all that hassle, but I don’t think there’s much else I can do.

Anyway, why bring this up to you? I still have my iPad to check up on tumblr, but I can’t access messages or notes sent to me, and I can’t get the blacklisting thing to work here, and I’m just not super confident yet with the reblogging skills and adding tags this way.

So I’m probably not going to be able to reblogging all the things I would like to, at least for the next few days, and more importantly, if you have sent me a note or a message or what have you, I truly haven’t been able to see it yet!

Just wanted to let you guys know why I’ll be a bit AWOL for the next (hopefully!) few days! I’m hoping this gets resolved quickly!

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So let’s talk about your new favorite website and app, Duolingo.


I haven’t seen anyone on my dash talking about this and that’s a fucking crying shame because Duolingo is the shit. You can use Duolingo to learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese. Even Dutch, if you’re feeling frisky and want to play with a Beta test (Dutch is not available on Android, but def. grabbable online for all of your language expanding pleasures).

What makes Duolingo so damn special? They make learning a new language into something they call gamefication. You earn points and you kick your friends’ asses with your mad linguistic skills.(Hell yes I’m at the top of my personal leaderboard)


No sass about my idioms being weak. Deutsche sprache, schwere sprache.

And it works. Like, really really works.


But what makes Duolingo so amazing is that its goal from the very beginning was to be a free and easily accessible ESL tool in order to make people more employable world wide. Even their English certification test (normally only $20!) is free right now!

And there are no ads.


The program is supported through the crowd-sourced translations the users do as part of the “immersion” training. You get practice, the Duolingo community talks about it and makes corrections and meshes the good work from different people together, and the final product becomes a translation Duolingo sells to keep the lights on. So to speak.

Will you sound like a native? Probably not. Will you be able to hold your own in a gramatically imperfect and probably clunky way in a normal conversation? Hey, it’s a damn sight better than where I’m at now, so I’m in. And so should you.

It’s super easy to find a way to use it. You can get it from the Apple Store and you can get it from Google Play. You can log in to the website and learn and find extras that aren’t on the app. You can… probably not use it via smoke signals, but I won’t stand in your way if you want to try, bro.

Go forth and be awesome in many tongues, my friends.

Duolingo is the BEST. I’m speaking as a foreign language teacher, here: hands down the best online learning tool I’ve encountered, at least for vocabulary and simple structures (I haven’t gotten beyond that).  I mean, I definitely recommend supplementing it with actual human conversation, and probably with a textbook or some googling to actually explain the rules you’re absorbing, but it is a really good tool, with a variety of different tasks (speaking, listening, reading, and writing, going in both directions), and a really good algorithm in terms of how often they introduce new content vs how much review you get.  If you’re learning a new language and want a way to practice, this is your JAM.

As someone who is slowly learning French through Duolingo, I can testify that this is a really great app to use for starting to learn different languages. I would highly recommend it.

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