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Finally ate my first meal of today!

My neck is still swollen and it’s painful to turn it, it still hurts to swallow, but my fever broke, and obviously some of my appetite has returned. I’m going to call my boss and let her know what’s going on so we can figure out whether I should go in tomorrow or not. 

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How fucked up is the entire concept of The Parent Trap? These parents have twins but want a divorce so they decide their best course of action is to just each take one and never speak to each other again. 

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Oh, you started working with kids? Did we forget to warn you? So sorry, girlfriend. Get ready to get, like, EVERYTHING for a month or two. After that, you’ll be immune to friggin’ ebola. Hang in there, kiddo.

God, I am so ready for immunity to hit me. I’m hoping that if it hits me hard now, it will happen less in the future (but I’m afraid that’s a vain hope). 

I’ve been sleeping all day and chugging orange juice and water, and I got started on penicillin and cough syrup to soothe me throat. The initial test at the clinic says it’s negative for strep, but my sis says that happens sometimes and to wait for the second test. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping it goes away soon!

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