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Anonymous asked: For the August 23rd post regarding Ginny and Harry...Will it be better for "God" to be changed to "Merlin's Beard"? I was also thinking that the car being "egged" is more muggle-like than wizard-like. Not sure about the alternative though. As for the therapist part, perhaps Harry could convince Ginny to go to the therapist that Hermione recommended and include something about being used to her dad's craze over muggle stuff to ease her into going? You wrote really well, thank you(:

I sort of see “Oh my God” being such a common phrase to use that even the magical community uses it - it’s already canon that wizards use references to God in remarks, as seen with Draco in the fourth book when he’s taunting Harry and Ron about not knowing about the Triwizard Tournament: 

"Don’t tell me you don’t know?…You got a father and a brother at the Ministry and you don’t even know? My God, my father told me about it ages ago…” (GoF, “Aboard the Hogwarts Express”, pg.169).

I’m figuring if a wizard as obsessed with blood purity as Draco is uses it, it’s totally legit if Ginny (who doesn’t give a crap about that sort of thing) would use “Oh my God”. It’s just a super common phrase.

As for the egging cars prank being pretty muggle like, I agree, but I imagine that Ginny is used to Fred and George pulling any kind of prank, wizard and muggle ones alike. Besides, if she really wanted to avoid suspicion and shouty calls from Vernon, she would want the prank to seem as un-magical as possible. It would be easy to cast a spell to send a thousand eggs through the air and to crash into his car, even when she’s miles away. 

In regards to Harry using her Dad’s love and familiarity with muggle culture and norms to ease her into therapy, that sounds like a lovely idea and makes perfect sense to me =)

I also want to clarify (though I am sure your intentions aren’t this, dear anon) that I would not be cool if anyone altered my original post to make such changes. My post is my post - I’m happy with people adding on observations, but please leave the original text be

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sherlocked-loki-in-the-tardis asked: I read that text post you wrote about Ginny and Harry after they are married, and I was wondering if you have written any more related to that, or if you've written anything else Harry Potter wise in general. If you have I'd love to read it, and if you haven't I think you definitely should!

You’re too sweet! Right now I don’t have any more Harry/Ginny fics, but I’m gonna get to work on that ASAP - as for any other Harry Potter stuff, I have little ficlets and ramblings scattered throughout my blog. They’re tagged under hp or Harry Potter, so you can give that a try!

Also, to all people who were wondering - I’m going to set up an AO3 account soon, so I can actually freaking work and share my fics for Harry Potter, ASOIAF, Marvel, and what have you. Be sure to haggle me about that, these next weeks are going to be hairy for me and I might end up forgetting about that if I don’t have someone to remind me!

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appleteeth asked: For the TV show meme, Buffy!

Oh God I haven’t watched this show in so freaking long, I mean it’s been years, I have to watch this again (for God sakes Suzanne this is why you have NetFlix)

…keeping this in mind, I’m going to go off of my old impressions of the show, which might/probably will change if I watch the show again. 

Favourite female character: Anya. I LOVE HER. Honestly, I love characters who used to be super evil and who are now just enormous chipper weird as hello dorks who happen to be super liberated and just very very confused why everyone is tied down by this thing called social normalities. GIVE ME CHARACTERS LIKE THIS, THEY ARE MY LIFE BLOOD. I mean yes, endless affection to Willow and Buffy…but fucking Anya. I love her so much.

Favourite male character: God, I can’t choose. Truly, I can’t. But…three way tie between Giles, Xander, and Spike. Giles because he was was one of the first examples of an incredibly powerful respect between a male mentor and a female protege (again, lifeblood - give me more more more of this). Xander because he’s also a character I really love - the characters that are underestimated but are so important and are the heart of the team. Spike…because seriously, what a character arc. What a fucking asshole who turned out to be such a monster and so incredibly human. The best and worst of humanity, this dude was. The horrifying extremes of if, you could say, which is how I like my vampires. I truly have no idea if I would feel the same about him if I watched the show now, but….yeah, I love him. I love them all. 

Least favourite female character: Uh…Harmony? Glory? I really have no fucking clue, I don’t remember actively hating anyone from this show, especially female characters. I didn’t like Cordelia, but that changed with her character development. 

Least favourite male character: Riley, because he honestly made no impression on me. I feel bad, and again, who knows what I would say now if I watched the show, but yeah…I can’t remember jack shit about him. Except that he went to a vampire brothel? That Buffy burned down? Did that happen?

Favourite ship: Anya/Xander. And…God Forgive Me, the fucked up horrifying tragedy that is Buffy and Spike. I’M REALLY SORRY, SERIOUSLY I AM. It’s soooooo deeply fucked up, and looking back on it now, I just didn’t see and understand how messed up it was. But now I do…and I can honestly say that I still am drawn to this two characters and how they deal with each other and OH GOD, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE MUTUALLY ABUSIVE TO ONE ANOTHER? GOD.


Least favourite ship: Ironically, also Buffy and Spike, due to its aforementioned state of being mutually abusive and damaging, and also due to a lot of fans that I’ve encountered ignoring that. 

Film/tv show rating: 10/10. There were issues galore, but it handled horror, mythology, humor, and growing up as a young woman in a way that still astounds me. It was my introduction to the macabre, the multifacetedness  and depth of characters, and to Joss Whedon.  It was a groundbreaking show, and I’m so happy to have NetFlix, BECAUSE NOW I WILL BE WATCHING IT AGAIN. YES YES YES. 

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imagine reading a book of all the lies you’ve told 

IDK what kind of lives you all are leading, but this sounds like the boringest shit. “Yes I sent that email.” “Yeah, I like your outfit.” “I was sick.” “My mom said no” “No I wasn’t crying.” “Yes I read the Terms of Service”

what about a book of all the lies people have told you

Oh how the tables have tabled

Tables have tabled

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The Great Unanswered Question:

What the hell happens to every country on the planet that isn’t the US in YA dystopias


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Filed under ''Hey Greg?'' ''Yeah Sue?'' ''Why is it that the US is always the ones with the hell portals?'' ''Sue we've talked about this - do you want a hell portal?'' '' I really don't -'' ''Than why wonder about it?'' ''I'm just wondering why it's always the US'' ''Because revenge is served hot like a hell portal'' ''Revenge for what Greg?'' ''Boston Tea Party'' ''Oh my God Greg not another -'' ''ALL THAT TEA'' ''OMG GREG NO'' ''GONE'' ''GREG ENOUGH WITH THE TEA ALREADY'' ''HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR TEA HOT YOU AMERICAN SWINES 'CAUSE THAT HELL PORTAL IS HEATING EEEEEVERTHING UP'' ''...Greg you are such a twat sometimes I swear to God''

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Hey kids! I’ll be going to my grandparents cottage for Memorial Weekend, and since they are super concerned about getting their internet credits used up, I won’t be on Tumblr until I get back on Tuesday. So…until then, mes amies!